Quilt & Create

An ideation tool with AI capabilities called Quilt & Create is made to assist creatives in coming up with more original ideas. The more you interact with the tool, the better the ideas get since it employs machine learning to improve the quality of the ideas generated.

Additionally, the website uses cookies to enhance your online experience, let you share content on social media, track site traffic, and provide personalized adverts based on your browsing habits.

The essential functions of the website, such a secure log-in process or the ability to change your consent choices, depend on the availability of necessary cookies. Functional cookies aid in carrying out certain functionality like content sharing on social media platforms, feedback gathering, and other third-party features.

In order to enhance and optimize the user experience, analytical cookies are used to track how users use the website. Cookies for adverts are used to show users personalized ads based on the pages they have previously visited and to assess the efficacy of ad campaigns.

Other cookies are ones that are still being examined and are not yet categorized. Quilt & Create is made to assist creatives in realizing their potential to produce more original ideas and remain motivated.


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