Coated is an interior design tool powered by AI that seeks to make the process of planning and embellishing interior spaces easier. The program delivers custom, high-quality designs that are suited to your own preferences and makes the design process simple.

The program from Coated is simple to use, and its AI-driven engine enables it to produce interior design suggestions depending on customer requirements. The program generates personalized recommendations for the placement of furniture, color schemes, and décor motifs.

Before making any modifications, users may experiment with several design alternatives in real-time and see their design thoughts in 3D. This helps them better grasp how their space will look.

A variety of design possibilities are available from Coated, including modern, rustic, traditional, and any other style that best meets your preferences. The software also creates a shopping list that lists every item needed to carry out the design, along with its brand, price, and a direct purchase option.

Coated is a service that requires subscriptions, and before subscribing, customers can try out the tool in the beta version. Its intuitive UI and AI-powered engine make it an effective and trustworthy tool for both experienced and novice designers who want to create one-of-a-kind, customized locations.

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