EasyChat AI

An external Windows application called EasyChat AI acts as the user interface for ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model created by OpenAI. The program is available for free download and has a slick, simple user interface with markdown and dark mode support.

Users of EasyChat AI can communicate with ChatGPT and receive prompt answers to their questions by using their own OpenAI API key. The software can manage numerous conversations at once and is optimized for quick response times.There are two versions of EasyChat AI: the Free version and the LifeTime Unlimited version.

Users of the Free edition are only allowed 30 inquiries per day and are not given access to analytics. The LifeTime Unlimited subscription, however, allows for unlimited searches and up to ten devices to be utilized simultaneously.

Additionally, the software has an upgrade option.Despite not being associated with OpenAI Inc. or ChatGPT, EasyChat AI is made to improve the user experience on ChatGPT by providing a quick, responsive, and attractively designed interface.

As a whole, EasyChat AI is a useful tool for anyone looking to enhance ChatGPT on Windows.


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