Cape GPT

Users can improve their chat-GPT experience with the help of the Cape GPT Chrome extension, which provides a number of functions. These capabilities consist of a search engine, an API, a note-taking tool, a reply feature, a download feature, the ability to read aloud replies, speech-to-text functionality, and OCR functionality.

When compared to chat-GPT’s default typing interface, the plugin is intended to increase interactivity and engagement. To aid users in troubleshooting any issues they may run into, the developer offers a tutorial and support section.

The extension provides advice on how to make the most of it, such as configuring the browser’s “ask me before download” setting to save and download files in a specific directory and utilizing the “” URL in private API servers to use the API tool.

Users can simply reload the website to fix any issues or disruptions that may occur. The Chrome Web Store offers the Cape GPT addon, which works with the Chrome browser.

User information is not sold to third parties and is not utilized for purposes unrelated to the item’s primary usefulness, according to the developer’s disclosure.

There are reviews for the extension, but Google has not validated them.


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