Quicklines is a cold outreach assistant driven by AI that aids in the scaling of your cold email campaigns. It offers a comprehensive social media scraping tool and a first-line authoring platform for natural language that can be used to build customised cold emails that receive higher responses.

Customers receive lifetime access for a one-time cost of $59, plus 300 credits each month with the lifetime access, and it is 40x faster and 6x less expensive than people.

The AI assistant can compose authentic, conversational first lines that help raise response rates by scraping pertinent information from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Quicklines has a 90%+ success rate on first lines that are prepared for sending, and the platform has assisted over 1,000 businesses in generating interested leads from their cold outreach efforts.

Additionally, if credits are not used during a given month, they may be rolled over. It also provides enterprise solutions.


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