Omniverse Audio2Face

An AI-powered program called Omniverse Audio2Face from NVIDIAPage makes it simple to animate a 3D character to correspond with any voice-over audio. It can be utilized in real time or with conventional character generation processes.

It is effective in a wide range of contexts, including games, entertainment, laptops and workstations, cloud and data centers, networking, GPUs, embedded devices, application frameworks, and apps and tools.

Metaverse applications, automotive, cloud-AI video streaming, speech AI, data analytics, healthcare, high-performance computing, intelligent video analytics, recommender systems, robotics, telecommunications, NGC catalog, data center GPU monitoring, NVIDIA RTX Experience, NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager, RTX Accelerated Creative Apps, video conferencing, NVIDIA Workbench, gaming and creating, infrastructure, and more are just a few of the many features that the Audio2Face app offers


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