With the use of the GPT-3 model text generation, ReplAI is an AI-powered browser extension that enables users to quickly generate draft messages, emails, or other text required for their business.

On MacOS, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and other chromium-based browsers, the addon is accessible. It can start up discussions naturally and respond to messages in the appropriate tone.

Users can quickly and easily construct a draft message with ReplAI’s AI friend by specifying an objective, a sentiment, and a character count. It also interacts with WhatsApp Web and Gmail to auto-write responses.

A feature of ReplAI called “Ask Everything” enables users to rapidly navigate to another website without visiting Google. It is affordable, simple to use, and has a robust feature set with obvious advantages.

The reply text can be generated using a free trial period of 666 tokens, which can be used 5–6 times. No personal data is gathered; all usage data is safely kept in the form of tokens.

There isn’t already a mobile application, but the business is working on creating an online playground where users can test out AI-generated text using smartphones or browsers that aren’t based on Chrome.

ReplAI is pronounced similarly to “Ripple AI” or “Reply”.

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