Any Windows application can use GIPY, a ChatGPT client tool. Regardless of the desktop program they are using, it enables users to communicate with ChatGPT.

This program is a flexible choice for users who want to speak with ChatGPT while using their computer because it functions with all desktop applications and browsers.Users only need to type “>>>” and their prompt, then hit SHIFT + ENTER to use GIPY.

By doing this, users can start a discussion with ChatGPT and ask questions without leaving their current application or workflow. For users who need quick access to information while using their computer, this function can be quite helpful.By making it simpler for users to access ChatGPT in Windows apps, GIPY aims to increase productivity.

This product comes with terms of service and a privacy policy to protect user privacy and security, and it costs $9.99 to purchase it once.In conclusion, GIPY is a strong and practical ChatGPT client tool that enables users to communicate with ChatGPT from any Windows program.

Professionals that require quick access to information while using their computer will find its user-friendly interface and compatibility with all desktop software to be a useful tool.

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