An AI tool called FlowGPT gives ChatGPT, a chatbot tool on a canvas board, a visual interface. By enabling multi-threaded visual chats, FlowGPT enhances the structure and clarity of interactions.

Users may easily manage dialogues with the tool’s many nodes, keeping an eye on the broad picture, exchanging ideas, receiving comments, and enhancing their work.

Additionally, FlowGPT offers hassle-free, immediate access to documents. By using ChatGPT, users can do research on any subject. The application provides a variety of examples, including advice on copywriting, marketing, non-fiction writing, and food planning.

While its antithesis feature pairs two opposing words side by side to accentuate opposites, its parallelism feature repeats a grammatical pattern to give lines rhythm.

To add a small chime, its epistrophe trait is repeated at the conclusion of succeeding phrases.Because FlowGPT has a pay-as-you-grow business model, there are no recurring monthly fees.

Users only pay for the AI words they actually use. The platform counts the number of AI words utilized, which includes both input and output text, using the OpenAI ChatGPT API.

Overall, FlowGPT is an effective tool for visualizing and organizing AI discussions that can be customized to suit specific requirements.


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