Users can create GPT chatbots using the ChatFast platform that can leverage their own data to provide real-time answers to questions about their content. The software can handle a variety of data kinds, including plain text, PDFs, website URLs, scanned PDFs, and even images with text on them.

Users can add their own custom Q&A to tell the chatbot how to reply to certain queries. By analyzing the given facts, the chatbot learns. Additionally, information is gathered about visitors to provide perceptions into the reasons why they contact us, resulting in insightful analytics.

ChatFast supports more than 50 different languages and can answer questions in the language that they are asked in even if the text is written in a different language. The chatbot can be added to a website to enhance users’ user experiences.

An API is offered for commercial plans, allowing users to integrate the chatbot with their own programs. Despite not offering a free trial, ChatFast does have a free tier option.

Customers can email for help or to ask questions about their plan, price, or support requirements. For businesses and individuals that want to provide speedy, automated customer support for their content, ChatFast is generally a useful tool.

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