Quickbot AI

With the help of Quickbot AI, users can build OpenAI-powered chatbots for customer support without having to know any programming languages. The application trains the chatbot with custom data, such as web content, documents, and PDFs, using OpenAI’s fine-tuning technology.

The chatbot can be retrained at any time by users, who can also instantly deploy the fully customized chatbot on their website and on various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp.

Quickbot AI also enables chatbot personality training, including naming the chatbot and creating rules in straightforward English. The solution also allows for chat widget customisation with branded design, making it a useful asset for apps used in e-commerce and customer service.

Quickbot AI offers a one-time payment option for complete control over user data and offers full source code for the chatbot, which can be deployed on users’ cloud hosting.The tool offers a straightforward and painless procedure through four steps: installing the code on a virtual private server, uploading files and an OpenAI key, developing and testing the chatbot, and putting it online.

Quickbot AI offers instructions on how to use the API with third-party programs and supports PDF, Doc, and text file types. The tool also provides clear pricing options with small, standard, and premium packages, as well as various levels of support and options for deploying code.

Users have given Quickbot AI strong feedback, hailing it as a game-changer for their customer service staff, a time-saving solution for small business owners, and a great tool for giving visitors to websites rapid responses.


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