With the use of cutting-edge AI technology, Leelo transforms written text into lifelike audio. It provides consumers a selection of more than 800 voices in 142 languages and accents.

The program is ideal for producing audio books, marketing videos, and presentation audio versions. Additionally, it makes it simple for users to share audio as podcasts, organize and manage audio files, and export audio to different platforms.

Users can keep created speech files securely in the cloud using the Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool. To make it simple for consumers to access audio versions of their material, Leelo also provides a widget that they can place on their website.

The Leelo editor allows users to type or paste their content, choose a language, voice, and voice style, and then generate and listen to a speech. With the exception of accent modifications, multilingual voices created by Leelo’s AI algorithms can be utilized with many languages and still sound realistic.

To test out its features, Leelo offers a free trial with 1000 free credit words. Users can sign up for access to services like multilingual voices, cloud storage, a dashboard to monitor activity and quota usage, free commercial use of the generated speech files, and voices with various speaking timbres.

Positive user reviews highlight the tool’s capacity to increase user engagement, quickly produce professional-sounding material, and provide versatility thanks to its large array of languages and voices.

The audio recordings that are produced can be downloaded and shared online, as podcasts. Users of Leelo can subscribe to the newsletter to receive the most recent advice via email. Leelo is created by Medios.


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