Cuely is a desktop tool with AI support and a Slack app made to help teams perform more effectively and feel their best at work. It includes a variety of tools that let users quickly draft messages, answers, and reports, check spelling and grammar, condense lengthy texts into their main points, translate between any languages, and receive assistance with any issues they may be having.

Cuely employs chatGPT and states that it can provide quick and trustworthy responses for less money than other AI tools with equivalent capabilities. Users can sign up for Cuely for free with up to 10 million tokens and pay as they go based on their monthly usage.

Users should expect a consistent user experience when using the app on all platforms, including web, desktop, mobile, and Slack.

Through its Trust Center, Cuely stresses its dedication to protecting user data. Cuely has hundreds of applications despite being intended for use at work and in the classroom.

Overall, Cuely is a practical and affordable solution that enhances team productivity at work.

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