Voiser is a text-to-speech machine learning system that offers the voice that is closest to a human’s. Voiser is the most accurate text-to-speech conversion tool, offering more than 550 voice selections in more than 75 languages.

It also has a capability that allows users to convert speech to text in reverse. Voiser offers a free trial with up to 50 characters, along with premium voice packages and additional packages for more usage.

The platform supports several different languages, including English (United States), French (Belgium), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified), Afrikaans (South Africa), German (Germany), Dutch (Belgium), Turkish (Turkey), Afrikaans (South Africa), and many more.

The voices available to users range in quality from HD to HQ and include Ibrahim, Meryem, Filiz, Aylin, Berk, Berra, and Hakan. Users of Voiser can also choose which slang words to display and whether or not to have punctuation added automatically.


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