Jason AI

A conversational AI technology called Jason AI is dedicated to improving B2B sales procedures. By automating outreach sequences, managing responses from prospects, and scheduling meetings, it serves as a personal assistant to sales teams.

The program uses filters to narrow in on the best prospects and then generates customized emails, follow-ups, and social media touchpoints to initiate communication.

Additionally, it suggests the message’s best delivery methods. Jason AI can become familiar with a business, its products, and the needs of its customers by itself.

The application assists in managing interactions with leads and provides counter-offers to deal with ‘Not Interested’ responses. It can reschedule or cancel meetings and forward requests to the appropriate contact.

As it develops and learns, the AI tool can manage a range of conversations with leads. When a meeting is requested, Jason AI can make a time and date recommendation and reserve the time on the team’s calendar.

Overall, Jason AI shortens the engagement cycle by managing the entire outreach procedure, giving sales personnel more time to concentrate on more challenging tasks.


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