Moly is an AI writing assistant that makes creating content 10 times faster for you and your team. This state-of-the-art technology unlocks creativity and creates fresh content for blog posts, emails, marketing materials, and more using GPT-3 and AI.

Moly’s blog content generator makes it easy to write interesting blog entries with little effort, and it enables social media managers to quickly generate a ton of content.

Additionally, it provides email production, job ad and spec development, and website copywriting powered by AI. A Chrome Extension that interfaces with all of your current apps is also included with Moly’s AI content generator, making it even easier to use.

Three different plans are offered: a free plan, a pro plan, and a business plan. Unlimited words, 50+ AI templates, emails that convert, and the Chrome Extension are all features included in the Pro and Business accounts.

Anyone trying to create content quickly and effectively should check out Moly.

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