With the help of the text-to-speech publishing platform BeyondWords, you and your team can turn text into interesting audio. You may produce unique audio that really connects with your target audience using a library of AI voices and voice-cloning technologies.

To automate, administer, and maximise your audio strategy, BeyondWords provides an all-in-one audio CMS. You can either use the text-to-speech editor to manually make audio or use the API, RSS Feed Importer, WordPress plugin, or Ghost plugin to automatically convert content.

Audio can be delivered after it has been created using automatic player embeds, APIs or SDKs, or it can be released as a podcast. Audio can be made available only to subscribers or it can be monetized using audio advertisements from sponsors.

The software may be linked to your Google metrics account and offers metrics to gauge audio interaction. With spoken-word audio, BeyondWords is the ideal tool to increase audience reach, engagement, and revenue.

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