Refraction is a developer tool that uses AI to generate code, restructure code, produce documentation, construct unit tests, and more. Developers can use the tool to quickly copy and paste a block of code, choose their language or framework, and the AI algorithm will automatically generate the relevant code using machine learning and natural language processing.

Up to 56 programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, and JavaScript, are supported by the tool. Software engineers can concentrate on the more imaginative and problem-solving portions of their work by automating the laborious and repetitive parts of the process with Refraction.

Innovative businesses like Amazon, Google, and Uber, among others, trust the tool. Refraction’s AI algorithm may be used by developers to write code, and the programme also makes it simple to create unit tests and document code.

The tool’s Sublime Text addon makes it easier to use and improves the overall user experience. Refraction is a useful tool for developers who wish to improve productivity, streamline their coding process, and lower errors.

One of the most cutting-edge coding tools accessible today, its AI-assisted functionalities can easily generate code and automate numerous coding tasks.

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