With just one click, users may swiftly and easily reply to messages using the AI-driven keyboard known as Typly. In order to help users select the appropriate response with the appropriate emotion, it makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to propose sentences that fit the context of the conversation.

In addition to providing sentence bundles from movies, novels, and other sources, Typly also features a dating feature that aids users in increasing their chances of finding a match on dating apps.

Full keyboard support, glide typing, user personalization, response suggestions, dating functionality, and sentence bundles are among the primary features of Typly.

Additionally, it contains a feedback system that aids users in learning from their messaging practises as well as from outside data sources like alerts, location, and web data.

Users can locate their ideal partner, save time, and improve their conversational confidence by using Typly, which is simple to use.


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