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📬Subject 1: Sky Rocket Your Sales by 300% or more with Webinars (details inside…)📬Subject 2: 1 Simple Way Take Your Sales to the Next Level📬Subject 3: How to Automate Your Sales and Sell Premium Products in YEAR


Did you know that starting your own webinar is the single most profitable leverage that separated the wealthy gurus from the rest of the ‘average’ experts with an opinion. And this powerful cash cannon is about to be in your hands!




Whether you’re already a practicing speaker or aspiring to use this ultimate leverage and get MORE profit for LESS effort…


…there’s nothing more effective than running your own seminar with hundreds or even thousands of paid attendees…


…and believe it or not you can do it from home!


There’s no doubt about it, the big bucks are in webinars and here’s why…

  • Your attendees can join your webinar from anywhere in any part of the world! Touring to do local seminars is gradually becoming a thing of the past. And why restrict yourself to just a pool of people in a specific location?
  • Your webinar can be only as long as 1 to 2 hours per session! You don’t have to worry about whether you have the physical and speaking stamina to last for days in a row, or find guest speakers to help you ‘buy some time’. You can run a 2 hour webinar session once a week, or 3 days in a row (which totals to just 6 hours!) and still make big profits!
  • Cost of running a webinar can be low as a dinner for two a month! Forget about having months of preparation, finding location, booking hotel rooms, sourcing for people to run behind the scene while you conduct your seminar sessions, and then get surprised at how much all these add up to, on top of the hidden costs. This is because…
  • You can do it all by yourself! Because of the virtual nature of webinars, you already save plenty of time, effort and money on these conventional costs and you can simply focus on delivering your seminar to a worldwide audience!


And by all means, this frees you completely so you can spend 90% of your energy marketing your webinar instead! Which is a big bonus too, because the cost of using the Internet to find paying attendees is going to be ridicilously LOW!


Check out the link below to see how profitable this can be for you…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.




📬Subject 1: RE: Sky Rocket Your Sales by 300% or more with Webinars (details inside…)📬Subject 2: RE: 1 Simple Way Take Your Sales to the Next Level…📬Subject 3: REMINDER: How to Automate Your Sales and Sell Premium Products in YEAR


There are a few ways to generate more cash in your business…

  1. You can either sell more of your products
  2. You can increase your conversion rate.
  3. Or you can increase the price of your products.


Unfortunately there’s a limit to how much traffic you can get in a day and thus how many products you can sell in a day… plus you can only fine-tune your conversions by so much…


However you can change your prices now… which will affect your profits immediately.




The only problem is that selling premium price products requires a different method of selling… especially if you’re selling products or paid webinar access for $100, $300, $500, $1000 or more.


That’s why Webinar Riches was created.

I want you to think about this for a second…

If you get a paid attendee at, say, $97 each…


Keep in mind that you know you can easily charge higher than this for the content you deliver through your webinar… You can be asking for $297 to $997 per head…


But assuming you’re selling your webinar seats at a conservative price of $97 – and you successfully got in 100 attendees.


That’s $9,700!


And your webinar format is 2 hours per session, once a week, for 4 weeks in a row. That totals up to 8 hours.


Nearly $38,800 for 8 hours of presentation.


Tell me, what other ways do you know of that gets you results like that in 8 hours?…


If you’re serious about using webinars in your business to scale your profits then check out this course below before it’s pulled down…




To Your Success!


Your Online Teacher.



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