A experimental AI technology called ChatSuggest helps users during talks by offering pertinent information. For a variety of use scenarios, including job interviews, sales calls, and startup pitches, the application offers automated support.

Through the use of AI, ChatSuggest assists users in developing their communication abilities and content delivery by making pertinent conversational suggestions.

The first AI side project powers ChatSuggest, which is accessible after logging in. By using the supplied email address, users can contact the administrator with comments and recommendations.

ChatSuggest’s capacity to expedite communication by eliminating the need for human research or planning for particular conversational settings is its main advantage.

The application uses machine learning algorithms to recognize and anticipate knowledge gaps, then adds relevant information to complement and improve the user’s conversational content.

Overall, ChatSuggest is a helpful AI solution for people or businesses who need automated conversational support because it automatically provides users with pertinent information.

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