AI Bot

The AI Bot is a low-code platform that enables users to rapidly and easily create AI chatbots that can be integrated with numerous well-known messaging services, including WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, MMS, and Telegram.

With the help of low-code, users may create bots without any prior coding knowledge and modify their functionality to suit certain use cases.

Additionally, the tool offers a number of features like image and voice bots, as well as the capacity to visually manage data with Table UI and Cloud Functions.

The platform also offers templates that customers may use to quickly and easily construct bots thanks to instant, ready-to-use integrations. The Rowy platform provides users with a collaborative setting where they may invite members of their team and manage workflows with fine-grained access controls.

The platform is safe, and all information is stored safely on the user’s personal Google Cloud project, including data, API keys, and cloud services. In conclusion, AI Bot is a comprehensive solution that enables users to create potent AI bots on several messaging platforms, making it a great option for companies or people trying to improve client interaction through automation.

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