ZipZap.AI, created by OpenAI, is a free, cross-browser extension driven by the ChatGPT API. The program is designed to serve as a user’s personal AI assistant, information resource, and workplace tool.

An artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT can talk with users and offer solutions and support in response to their queries and demands. It can provide information on a wide range of subjects, including technology, health, education, entertainment, travel, and more.

For accurate responses and recommendations, it employs machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to comprehend the words and intentions of users.Users can start a conversation with ZipZap by pressing the shortcut key (Cmd+M or Ctrl+M) or by clicking the floating ball in the corner of any webpage.

Any text on the website can be chosen by users and let ZipZap translate or sum it up for them. Users of the tool are not charged, although there is a daily cap of 10,000 tokens for free users.

Users can at any moment upgrade to the premium version if they require advanced capabilities.When responding to chat messages and creating copywriting based on pre-existing templates, ZipZap uses sophisticated artificial intelligence provided by the ChatGPT API.

Any text on a website can also be translated or summarized using ZipZap. A community for the tool exists on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Facebook as well. Users can contact the ZipZap community with any questions.

A helpful resource for people looking for a personal AI assistant that is free and has a wide range of capabilities is ZipZap.AI.

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